Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Name Game

        Naming my non-profit organization is as hard as picking a name for a newborn baby. Harder than that actually. If you give an organization a bad name, it's permanent. You name your kid the worst name EVER, well, the kid could live with it, maybe make his/her own cool nick name... whatever... point is; I need some suggestions. What should my organization be named? I was thinking 'Ye Ficker Tezita' which means 'The Remembrance of Love' in Amharic, one of the Ethiopian languages which is also the one I know fluently (because it is my vernacular language, I guess). I want something creative, not straight forward... a bit clever as well perhaps...?

Anyway, hit me up if you've got some ideas- I could really use it- maybe you could inspire me. It definitely doesn't have to be in an Ethiopian language... any language would be nice. So tchao till then.

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