Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs

    Just the name itself can be an adjective, meaning: (adj) amazing, creative, artistic, unique. Don't go searching through your 'Merriam-Webster'... i was kidding. So, whoever is familiar with Marc Jacobs and his work, knows how amazing he is. He is by far, the most inspirational fashion designer I know. Nothing can compare. The thing is though, when I think of him as a fashion designer, it seems wrong. I like to look and think... about him as an artist- which he really is.

    No matter how many awards he has won, or how many fashion shows he has presented, he is still that cool guy I look up to because of everything he has done and his story of success. He climbed his way up... and i feel like his story began the same way mine is starting. I know this may sound pretty corny but how else can I put it? Marc is walking inspiration. 'Nuff said. You know what's also awesome about his clothes/works? They are affordable... kind of. If you don't mind spending around $200+ for a nice romper. It's worth the price though, trust me.

All those people working for Marc Jacobs are putting huge amounts of effort into the tiniest details of his designs that you may someday wear. Here is one question I have yet to ask of   Mr. Jacobs; How do you come up with it all? Really though, his designs seem surreal, things you feel like you should see on display in the MOMA with security guards on either side, not on clothing racks in his shops and places like Neiman's or Sak's. (I actually believe I should have one of each design in my closet in every color and style just for myself). Here are some more pieces from his 2009 spring/summer collection. Let me know what you think, do you believe that the bright colors are here again and the romper is making its way into the fashion scene? Comment and write what you think about these unique style comebacks, and never forget Marc Jacobs, fashion's own Super Man (or Hero, as I would like to call him).

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