Monday, December 21, 2009

My Indian Venezuelan Sonu

Devendra Banhart... a beautiful person who only means good. He thinks he's Indian even though he's Venezuelan. Gotta love him anyways. His music is fantasimo. I could say i'm in love with him but that's a little weird seeing as how we have never met in this life (and he's dating Portman). But I can still imagine and create. So... this is Devendra- learn to love him.

Indie Films; "Afterschool" and Our jacked Up Youth

After school is an independent film- the works of a fantastic artist, Antonio Campos. It captures the true darkness behind your normal prep school students' life. Where's the fun in living if you're not living the life, right? 'Afterschool' is definitely Campos' biggest piece yet, to say the least.

Above is the movie poster. Pretty interesting. It's the main character of the film... the guy who has to go through horrors he obviously never thought he would have to face or be caught in the middle of. He accidently captures- on tape- the death of two students during school. Cause of death: OD. I guess when kids are bored, drugs are the solution... and a bad one at that. Why drugs? Why can't people get high on life these days? People resort to lethal means of amusement because of how uneventful their life is. Really guys, I think society has become lazy. Yes. Look at everyone spending their days sitting around doing nothing. "Hey, what are you doing?" "Oh nothing... i'm just on facebook..." "oh ok. tell us when you're ready to leave- its been 5 DAYS." So yeah... people really are becoming boring ol' lazy donkey butts. Let me know when you all have changed. Maybe then I wouldn't mind talking to one of your kind.

"Celebrate the art and style of film"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala!
That is the title to one of the best songs I've heard in a while. I strongly encourage you to listen to it- fo serious. If you like fast paced, danceable music, this SRK song is definitely for you- no doubt. It's from the movie 'Don' with Shah Rukh Khan (SRK). To be frank, I really don't care if you watch Bollywood movies or not- you just have to watch this one. You'll love the song. The dance is pretty amazing too. Take a listen, please!

Hate Hate

The one thing I could never make sense of all my life, was the meaning of hate. I understand it when people say they hate chocolate flavored ice cream or they hate the color green but when people say they hate a person or group of people, that's when my mind most likely begins to disfunction. I think of the 'craziness' and how unreasonable it is to hate a person. Hate is one of those emotions that are indescribable. Like love. Love is strong, just like hate. Isn't love just infatuation? There must be something deeper, something closer to you and your heart, as corny as that does sound. So in that case, i wouldn't call it love. i would not call anything hate either. You see, this is exactly my philosophy, to really like or to dislike. It's not as broad as you think either. Love is whatever you want it to be these days. You can say you love someone but then hate them the next day. I don't call that love. I call that a mood swing. Love can be romantic or 'casual' as people like to say these days (which I don't understand). Falling in love with someone is flattering but unrealistic depending on the circumstances. A high school couple cannot be seriously in love- that's kinda crazy. They can really really really really really like each other- but I doubt it seriously that it's love. Wait a while, kids, you'll see what I mean. Love is mainly just a term. "I love that scarf!" you're saying you really like that scarf. "I am in love with this song." you're saying you really like a song even though it's not 'yours'. You're kind of creepy for being in love with a song actually.
example # 2: Hate. Hate is a strong dislike. People who are stupid and unscholarly will say they hate a race, a religion, a person, etc. Here is an example of hate:

       Super bad, right? I know. I hate stereotypes and they have EVERYTHING to do with hate. People like to generalize and that leads to hatred. Some people need to get off their high horse, laama, camel or whatever and realize that the world is unique and no one abides by similar rules. Let others be! Leave the Muslims alone! Leave the dark skinned peoples of the world alone! Let the people who live on borders be- and leave them alone! Is that so hard? Why do other nations feel like they have to put their nose into other peoples business? Leave and stay out is all I have to say. I don't care if they're helping or not- other leaders have their own policies and they won't learn anything, especially when they are taken over by some other power- hungry nation. Friends, this is not hate. This is called being annoying.Hate is, like love, merely- and only- a term. People say hate for anything really. "I hate that girl's outfit." No you don't. You're just either jealous or a jerk. "I hate this crayon!" You actually just dislike the color due to societies take on color differences. If people like the color blue, you all of a sudden think it looks nice- even if you 'hated' that color the other day.
So do you see what I mean? Hate is something to be hated- even though I don't 'believe' in hate. Does that make much sense to anyone else? Look at it his way: HATE= STUPIDITY+CRUELTY+ 'AN 'UNAWARE OF THE WORLD' JIM'. I know what you narrow minded people are thinking when you see a woman in a burqa walk by. I know what's going through your mind when you see a man with a turban on his head. I know what you think about when that worker with the shiny dark hair starts speaking in Spanish. I also know what you think about that colored person standing next to you. Are you narrow- minded? Or do you appreciate the world and all it's peoples? Tell me you do or else I just might throw a koala playing a flute at you. Yeah... that's what I would do. Want to do something fun (but super cheesy? So cheesy your mac n cheese would be envious)?
1. Look up the Palestine Israel conflict and brainstorm to yourself about what can be done if you yourself could change any outcome.
2. Pretend to be an Indian person around the time Pakistan became a country. What would've been going through your mind?
3. If you could travel anywhere in the world and study the politics of the country, which country and why?
4. Imagine being in Venezuela. Nice, right? Now imagine being a civilian 'under the rule' of Hugo Chavez. Would you love him? Hate him?
5. In addition, imagine being in Cuba around the time of Fidel's highest power. Would you have admired him or Che Guevara more? Love or hate?
I don't know about you, but each of these questions seem to be or are centered around the common element and concept of  'love' and 'hate'. Please continue to love if you understand it's true meaning. Please stop the hate if you know it exists within you and/or your society.