Monday, December 21, 2009

Indie Films; "Afterschool" and Our jacked Up Youth

After school is an independent film- the works of a fantastic artist, Antonio Campos. It captures the true darkness behind your normal prep school students' life. Where's the fun in living if you're not living the life, right? 'Afterschool' is definitely Campos' biggest piece yet, to say the least.

Above is the movie poster. Pretty interesting. It's the main character of the film... the guy who has to go through horrors he obviously never thought he would have to face or be caught in the middle of. He accidently captures- on tape- the death of two students during school. Cause of death: OD. I guess when kids are bored, drugs are the solution... and a bad one at that. Why drugs? Why can't people get high on life these days? People resort to lethal means of amusement because of how uneventful their life is. Really guys, I think society has become lazy. Yes. Look at everyone spending their days sitting around doing nothing. "Hey, what are you doing?" "Oh nothing... i'm just on facebook..." "oh ok. tell us when you're ready to leave- its been 5 DAYS." So yeah... people really are becoming boring ol' lazy donkey butts. Let me know when you all have changed. Maybe then I wouldn't mind talking to one of your kind.

"Celebrate the art and style of film"

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