Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Started!

Salut! (Hi!) I'm Galila... and I've just created my own blog so I'm new to this- no criticism! :)
Anyway, World Love Peace & Art pretty much says it all- very self-explanatory. I'm an art enthusiast; I LOVE ART. I could live in the MOMA. Well, I actually wouldn't be allowed, but you know what I mean. I love all forms of art- especially fashion design (which is part of the reason I even created this). I also live for music... and music lives for me. [haha] So on top of all that I'm very much into world affairs. You know, the whole peace on earth kind of thing. Some call me a hippie, some call me crazy- but that's just me. To be more specific, I have literally hugged a tree. Yes... I'm into the whole 'save the world/ rainforest/ whatnot' thing. 
*i should add; sometimes I write in Franglish (French/English) just because I think it's fun. I'm not even French... I think. So that's as much as you need to know about me till next time, right?
Tchao! Bonne nuit! Ou Bon whatever it is where you are!
~Peace Out~