Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I Do When I've got a Low Patience

So basically, the title breaks it down pretty well. It's spring break- right now, and it's been going on since last friday and will end right after Easter. Most people are out of town, in some tropical place, most likely not thinking about school. Where am I? I'm at home. I'm the most exciting person you will ever meet in your lifetime. I keep wondering to myself, 'what's holding me back from going some place this year?' It's not school because to be honest, I don't give a crap about holiday assignments- and that is EXACTLY why I've got a low patience. My crazy AP World History teacher thinks it's OK to assign 3 essays and 2 chapters over spring break. No ma'am, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. I've already got things to do. If she doesn't have a life, it doesn't mean she should drag her students down with her! I have a friend in Cancun right now- at this moment, who is probably on a beach or on a boat or on a horse, i don't know- but one thing for sure is that she is definitely not lugging around a humongous history textbook as she builds her imaginary sandcastle. I really do hope that my teacher realizes that no one is putting in a 100% effort over break. The woman is actually crazy though, that's obvious. Mrs. L***y is like a literal mood swing to me. One day, I just wanna be BFF's with her (that was sarcasm at it's extreme), and other days, I want aliens to abduct her and never bring her back (I had worser scenarios in my head but it felt weird typing them out so I stuck with the alien story). Point is, spring break is almost over and I haven't touched any schoolwork AT ALL. Right now I should be doing those 2 chapters, but here I am instead. I'm dreaming of going back to Monaco, where everything is just... chill. Maybe going back to Tuscany, Italy- people there have a longer life span because they have nothing to worry about; no politics to interfere with their farm-ful lives, no taxes, no pollution, no health risks, all they do is eat the food they grow and make, drink wine, farm/trade, and have huge get togethers. Then they sleep and the cycle starts again. I wish my life was like that, where I wouldn't have a care in the world, maybe I wouldn't even have school to stress over. Everything I'm doing now, is for college (minus writing this). College drives people insane, unless they know how to just not care. But by 'not caring', where will you be?
So this all is what I do when I've got a low patience. When I'm frustrated or bored. I just write it out (but not here because I doubt anyone's interested in how much I dislike school related things). Tchao for now...

Monday, March 1, 2010


Imagine 'America' being said by a heavily accented new comer... once you've established that, you'll notice that 'Amreeka' is the exact way 'America' would be said with an accent. In this case, an Arab accent. If you look above, the movie poster is for a film (that has already been out and gone since september) called "Amreeka". I never got the chance to share this amazing indie film that has captured the hearts of all viewers... and as pathetic as this will sound, I haven't even seen it yet. I'm just basing it on the trailer, previews, and reviews. Point is... look around the world today. Observe the world's inhabitants. Observe their lives and/or struggles. You'll notice that many of these struggles arise once you've been labeled 'foreigner' or 'immigrant' or even 'F.O.B'. Who actually wants to be called that? Intentionally? These days, being a FOB or immigrant is the worst thing. People immediately assume you've jumped a border or swam across an invisible line. No. In most cases, the act is done legally. Cherien Dabis thinks so too. Amreeka tells the story of a Palestinian mother and son who flee from Gaza for a better life in America (as promised in movies, media, etc). Everything seems ok for the time being... they have a roof over their heads with their American- Palestinian relatives in a middle of no where town in the U.S. True troubles start when the mother is in search of a job and her son is trying to fit in for a normal school life, where he is bullied for pretty much being an arab at a time when America's war in the middle east was heavy. Their relatives themselves are going through interesting phases upon their family's arrival. "We live in America now- we're not in Palestine!" "If you live in this house, you live in Palestine!" Sorry, I just had to throw in that passionate quote from the movie. It shows a youngsters point of view on being an arab living in America. It seems the youth is losing touch with culture and heritage... that needs to change.