Saturday, June 20, 2009

Compare and Contrast

These images' depictions seem all to familiar... the youth back then is very similar to the youth now... except you don't see girls standing in front of bayonets with flowers in their hands very often. 

The Audience at Woodstock '69

Girl Holding Flower In Front of Bayonets

March on Boston Common

       America still eats her young. Or the young are eaten by something else. Whichever, it's still bad and war will always be inhumane. Is no one capable of sitting down to talk about their issues instead of fighting each other about it? Can't the different leaders of the world just shake hands on some sort of an agreement... ANY kind of agreement? As long as the youth grows, all is good.

To Be Continued

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Life Story

I always rant (blog) about things i like talking about... but how about writing something that will actually benefit me? The real reason for having created this blog. get ready, friends.
So, my english teacher writes for the 'Washington Post', which is like second best next to 'The New York Times' according to me and my preferences. I asked her today how one could prosper in the writing world and she said writing BLOGS and COMMENTING on other blogs would be a good start so i told her that i had already gotten that down. Then she said to get involved in the school paper (which I wasn't interested in doing because i am way too dedicated to art... and i heard it's a boring class, to be truthful). I have half. A lot of people ask me, 'Why don't you become a doctor like the others in your family?' or 'Will you or are you going to an Ivy League college like your family?' Those are the unanswerable questions, seeing as how i tend to live in the moment. Yes, it would be rather nice to be a doctor, and yes, it would be nice to go Ivy, but what happens if I don't get anything? My cousins went to Brown, Harvard, George Washington, and Oxford University, to name a few. What I would like to know is, what do you do with an ivy league education when you have no idea how to use it? You know, like if you haven't decided on a job or future after studying at a 'top college'? I feel that I will be put into such a situation unless I am 'discovered' for some kind of capability, maybe writing, or composing music... perhaps art. Who knows? I think blogging will be my answer. All my thoughts are on display and my writing is being shown to the public. Here's some writing that I hope can change the way you view a blog- it's not a happening, it's a mind's result.

         "The kids all dream of making it, whatever that means"- The Arctic Monkeys 'Teddy Picker'. The quote that describes my generation. "The youth is starting to change"- MGMT 'The Youth'. A quote that describes my generations needs. Music, books, movies and revolutions, fill the minds of the youth with subjects of matter that can easily frustrate. "The Iranian situation: Conflict in Tehran... people have been injured, many wounded... demonstrators take to the streets..."- all that my generation hears as the news channel is turned on. "Buddhist army"- WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS THAT?! Has our world really come to this? Imagine Ghandi telling us to fight in a war or take a machine gun to Gaza... is that right? Never shall we think so unless the nations have denied us peace. When I say 'us' i mean the youth, or, my generation, also called the 'youtube generation'. We find ourselves maturing at an alarming rate of speed. It's quite scary though, to be frank. I'm afraid that by the time we all 'age', the world will either blow up or deteriorate along with civilizations. What's sad is that many youngsters are anticipating their death in a reasonable fashion. Kids, teenagers, young adults- all of the youth pretty much, believe that 2012 is our last year. Some are excited. Some are sad. Some just don't understand period. "I'm happy. It just means I won't have anymore bills to pay... no more of those stupid taxes... pssh, the government don't tell us anything," Martha told me one day,"Who knows what the government is keeping from us anyway?" she continued. "There could be aliens," I added. "There could be- and we would never know," Martha finished off with. She is one of the coolest people I know. She thinks in a certain way that none else could comprehend unless you understand the subject on hand very well. Isn't it disturbing that money will drive people to thinking that life isn't worth living long? Whatever happened to living as long as you can while drinking green tea and doing yoga?
          It started in 1969, 'The Summer of Love'. Woodstock was like the center of the world to hippies, youth advocates, and [young] people who had nothing else to do. 4 Days of Peace and Music. Of course this summer of love was unfortunately followed by the summer of hate. Woodstock was then recreated in the 90's... 1996, right? Anyways, I wish I could have experienced the one and only experience- the Hendrix experience. oh yes. Sadly, much of our youth did not get the chance to experience many of the once in a lifetime happenings because... well... we are the youth! Plus, many of histories artistic icons didn't get to live to today because of unnatural causes- drugs. Drugs such as LSD and cannabis led to inspiration according to many bands and musicians of the time (even some bands now). It ultimately led to the death of many of the 'big guys' such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, even Janis Joplin. Now you don't have to be an icon to use 'magical' drugs. You can be the person next door, the bored kid in suburbia, or the curious teen. When our world winds down to a soon doom, so does the youth. On top of that we've got economical problems and nations making other countries targets for nuclear bomb tests. So using the magical drugs to make you feel good, relaxed, and in a different, better world, makes sense. It's not good... but makes sense. The Youtube generation should be called the 'Recurrence of the Hippie Generation'. 

To be continued...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Greek Paradise and Ethiopian Aid

For some reason, some of the pictures i've posted are gone. Oh well- the texts are still there, that's what's most important. So anyways... what is new, what is new.... oh- j'ai un idee pour Ethiopie... oui oui. (I said that I have an idea for Ethiopia in regards to my last post). We all know Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on Earth. It's 3rd world and is suffering from famine, poverty and, disease(s). I KNOW i want to do something to help. This summer, I'll be getting to work on that organization that's been brewing in the back of my head to aid Ethiopia and hopefully later, other developing countries as well. I'll start out little and work my way up. It's going to be a non-profit organization- every penny goes to Africa. It will be hard but SO worth it. any ideas? feel free to comment...
but besides that, I'd like to talk about something a bit more cheerful. A place. In Europe. In the Mediterranean area. An island. Towards the east. I've dropped every hint there is (besides how beautiful it is). Here is Santorini, Greece:
Santorini is the most beautiful place- nothing can compare. It's a paradise. Sure there are other
islands of Greece such as Mykonos, but every island has its originality that makes it different. In my preference though, Santorini is the place I want to be. The Mediterranean is what it cracks up to be and more, Santorini just makes it that much more amazing. I really hope to go there this summer- might even visit a friend there. If I don't go, well, there goes the hi-lite of my summer. (Here's a picture of Mykonos because I now feel bad that I didn't 'put its beauty on display'):

Monday, June 8, 2009



       This is Ethiopia. The heart of Africa. In the photo above are Ethiopian children. Not your usual sight, I would say, unless you were, well, oh I dunno, Ethiopian? *note the sarcasm* So maybe not all of Ethiopia is like this... I know for a fact that Addis Ababa, the capital is definitely not suffering like this- no way- instead, people of Ethiopia use the money that might be lying around to build malls and movie theaters. Is that so important when you know half your people have claimed the title of 'poorest of the poorest'? Don't you want the other half to catch up before you move too far on ahead? While the capital is trying to rid itself of the mark as '3rd world' by crawling out of the developing country standard, children and families are dying one by one of things like disease and famine. When your people are dying out, what's the point of establishing shopping centers? That, I truly want to know. I myself have been to Ethiopia many times and if I got a penny for each instance a beggar came up to my car window, I'd be the world's biggest philantrophist. If only you knew how it felt when the rural children surrounded you while you walked among them, the nicest smiles spread across their faces as they offered you hand made gifts and tokens. 'These children could sell snow to the eskimos', I keep reminding myself. I will always remember Jordan, the 12 year old boy who befriended me on my way back to the car in Lalibela. His broken english didn't stop our conversation, as we spoke of Ethiopia, his school, his sister. I didn't know wether he knew I could speak speak Amharic or not, but I let him speak in English- as practice. Minutes later, I could not leave. The children had such engrossing things to talk about, they were so happy and exuberant, how could you tear yourself away from that? I did. When I got home i knew that Operation Ethiopia was going to be life changing, as I thought of ways to raise money for the youngsters in Ethiopia who I knew could not attain an education, let alone a home and decent health. Jordan gave me a 3 generation old coin which I still have today. To Jordan, it probably seemed like he gave away a fortune... to me, he gave me a piece of history to hold on to, so I'll always remember what I'm fighting for.

The Hippie Came Out and Is In Control

ok so the last blog i posted was more... how shall I put it... visual. I felt no need to explain the artwork what with everyone's different imagination(s) and points of view. I was trying to display my thoughts and desires... the things I seek or crave... all that I love... in one-quick-to-the-point 'illustration'. [I hope whoever saw them liked it all?] and I have to stop with the elapses... there I go again! anyways, my views on everything always go back to the marvelous world in the special part of my mind- the arts section. whatever i do, see, think, hear, etc, leads my head and senses into this sort of heaven. and no, i am not on a 'trip'. I enjoy speaking my mind, bringing me to the fact that art has it's way in my life. It works silently most of the time, finding its way into my daily thoughts and actions. I hear music in the outdoors and i see a painting in the sky. I feel a quilt underneath my feet that to other people, seems like grass. nature's air is a perfume that smells better than any fragrance at Neiman's. The birds play music like a band and the sun is the light and source. love is the epiphany of life and thought. bodies may conform but the mind always perseveres. the way of the world is much like art, you see. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone- (you must be senseless if it doesn't) but it's the way we go and how we do. huh... I guess you could say it's 'how we roll'.

Life Image: Un Peu d'Aire sur Terre

This is an image I have have found that display's a good life in my eyes. What I want to see when I get the beautiful chance...

         Un peu d'air sur terre by Pendant L' Eternit√©.

(Andy Warhol is one of the most amazing artists. I just thought  that maybe you all would like to see some of his works but they have been deleted for some peculiar reason).