Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hippie Came Out and Is In Control

ok so the last blog i posted was more... how shall I put it... visual. I felt no need to explain the artwork what with everyone's different imagination(s) and points of view. I was trying to display my thoughts and desires... the things I seek or crave... all that I love... in one-quick-to-the-point 'illustration'. [I hope whoever saw them liked it all?] and I have to stop with the elapses... there I go again! anyways, my views on everything always go back to the marvelous world in the special part of my mind- the arts section. whatever i do, see, think, hear, etc, leads my head and senses into this sort of heaven. and no, i am not on a 'trip'. I enjoy speaking my mind, bringing me to the fact that art has it's way in my life. It works silently most of the time, finding its way into my daily thoughts and actions. I hear music in the outdoors and i see a painting in the sky. I feel a quilt underneath my feet that to other people, seems like grass. nature's air is a perfume that smells better than any fragrance at Neiman's. The birds play music like a band and the sun is the light and source. love is the epiphany of life and thought. bodies may conform but the mind always perseveres. the way of the world is much like art, you see. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone- (you must be senseless if it doesn't) but it's the way we go and how we do. huh... I guess you could say it's 'how we roll'.

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