Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Greek Paradise and Ethiopian Aid

For some reason, some of the pictures i've posted are gone. Oh well- the texts are still there, that's what's most important. So anyways... what is new, what is new.... oh- j'ai un idee pour Ethiopie... oui oui. (I said that I have an idea for Ethiopia in regards to my last post). We all know Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on Earth. It's 3rd world and is suffering from famine, poverty and, disease(s). I KNOW i want to do something to help. This summer, I'll be getting to work on that organization that's been brewing in the back of my head to aid Ethiopia and hopefully later, other developing countries as well. I'll start out little and work my way up. It's going to be a non-profit organization- every penny goes to Africa. It will be hard but SO worth it. any ideas? feel free to comment...
but besides that, I'd like to talk about something a bit more cheerful. A place. In Europe. In the Mediterranean area. An island. Towards the east. I've dropped every hint there is (besides how beautiful it is). Here is Santorini, Greece:
Santorini is the most beautiful place- nothing can compare. It's a paradise. Sure there are other
islands of Greece such as Mykonos, but every island has its originality that makes it different. In my preference though, Santorini is the place I want to be. The Mediterranean is what it cracks up to be and more, Santorini just makes it that much more amazing. I really hope to go there this summer- might even visit a friend there. If I don't go, well, there goes the hi-lite of my summer. (Here's a picture of Mykonos because I now feel bad that I didn't 'put its beauty on display'):

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