Thursday, September 3, 2009

You and Someone Else

           You may not realize that it is very likely there is or was someone in the world a lot like you. You're thinking, 'I have an evil twin then?' No. People don't look hard enough to see that they are not all too different compared to everyone else. For instance, I can compare myself to Kurt Cobain in terms of sense and action. The true person I can honestly compare myself to in all aspects of myself is Henri Bentoit Matisse, my favorite artist. Although the Galila most people see is the Kurt Cobain decoy, my closest friends and acquaintances know that the realest Galila there is, is the Henri Matisse decoy, the one whose life relies on art and independent thoughts. Another thing that me and Henri have in common is the stuff. Art. Visual minds. In more normal words: Artwork. Matisse's work is one that can never be remade or copied. It's impossible. Now, I am not trying to sound conceited or anything, but I feel that my art work has that same amount of uniqueness that cannot be recreated. I guess you could say the same about any piece of art, but look at the 'Mona Lisa' by Di Vinci , or 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh- they have been printed millions of times over and over again by other artists AND machines. There's always that little something in art though, something that makes it the artists own- that is what cannot be repeated. In Henri Matisse's work, I see me. How? You guess and conclude on your own. So I guess there is more than one thing I feel me and Matisse have in common according to me. Of course there is still Kurt Cobain and to be honest, the only thing me and him DON'T have in common is his drug use. If you look around, you may just see that the people who you think you'll never see again or the people you have seen and you will definitely never see once more, may be the ones you are obligated to learn of, you know? Step out of your comfort zone, be it another city or another group of friends, and you will find that there is, with no doubt, someone else. Someone else like you.

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