Saturday, October 10, 2009

Music is Art

        Music is one of the best art styles there are. Musicians are like artists. Artists are creative. Creativity is a mind set more than it is a way of thinking. Is this making sense? If you are a musician/artist it does. Classical music is great. So is Hindi. Rock is fine. So is Flamenco.  

Above is a picture of the almighty Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A legend, a musical hero, an artist, he is truly a piece of work, is he not? Listen to the song, 'Amadeus' by Falco, the one hit wonder.   

Speaking of art, this is a picture of an amazing piece of art. It depicts something no one else would've thought of. Violence= Love. It doesn't sound right. It isn't right at all. But that is what art is. Art must convey a message and most times, the artist doesn't even know it in his/her own work. In this case, he obviously did. This image (of a gun, grenade, knife, and another type of gun spelling 'love') depicts life now. How violence is used to restore peace and order, perhaps even love. That sounds crazy but people don't understand that that is the way of life. Our life now. How dare we make fun of barbarians if we can't act any better?

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