Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Education

Yes, I am aware of the fact that there is a movie coming out called 'An Education' but that's not what I am referring to. I am referring to a more realistic view of an education. What is it exactly? Getting an education isn't really something that can happen only in school or in a certain type of class. The best education you can get, in my opinion, can be attained on the street. I've learned loads of different things off the street. I don't live on 'the street'. Bien sur pas! You know what I mean though, as I've let myself assume. When you walk around, you hear other people's conversations involuntarily. It can be extremely annoying, especially when they are speaking of ludicrous and conceited things. Sometimes though, on special occasions, you may pick up a fact or two you find beneficiary, something you could never learn out of a text book or hear about during a lecture. You can honestly live by the quote, 'Learn something new everyday'... oh yes... it just depends on what you have heard and from where. Time for you to grow out of 'in-class stupidity'.

1. If the person you have just heard/learned something from seems well educated, that can be a plus- but be careful, these people are most deceitful to the eye- don't believe everything you hear. 

2. If the person or group talking/conversing around you (that you are not a part of), seems to be down to earth, speaking articulately with great verbiage, you've most likely come across the jack pot. Go for this conversation- LISTEN.

3. Before you jump to conclusions, I am not telling you to be an inevitable stalker/ creeper/ brown- noser/ freaky outsider. Oh no. I am simply (and merely) explaining to you the many ways to educate yourself outside of the cliche classroom.

4. OK. Go. Gooooo! Go to the nearest college campus and find some random people. These people can only be useful if you are at a top ranking school though. Don't go to your nearest community college because you never who you run into there... they might not even be a student. 

5. Walk into a random classroom. Kidding. Apparently that can work in some large universities though- so I have heard. Actually... don't even consider this. You have reached complete insanity if you even think it over. You don't need to be THAT smart...

6. Read. Yes, that requires a book. You know... that 'thing' you don't touch...

7. Watch some informative, artistic Indie movies (you'd be surprised by what you can learn in certain films).

8. Produce art. I don't care what type. Be it painting, writing, dancing, you have just broadened your perspectives on everything just by doing one of the above.

9. Be yourself and do not conform to society. Society should always conform to you, on the most peaceful of terms possible, obviously. (Stop carrying around guns, by the way. It's creepy).

10. Get a life and walk around. Get out of the suburbs, move to NYC or even London, perhaps.

Those are pretty much my guidelines to my utopian state of mind that you can experience too, for a very small, limited time offer of a price: Time.

Have fun?

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