Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buddhism & Meditation

I am not Buddhist, I'm actually a pretty devout Christian. I must admit though, ever since I saw the movie, 'Eat Pray Love', I didn't really see things about me and my life very clearly soon after. The first thing I told my mom after seeing this movie was "You know, I think I want that life, traveling, living, loving, no pressures or stress, just live and be." My mom ultimately thought I was crazy and she did give me a weird look, but that was my cue, the cue telling me that maybe that was my future. I've been meditating as much as i can lately, and i'm getting better at it. After all, being a student doesn't make it very easy to clear your mind. For sometime, all that was in my head while meditating were the faces of students at my school and my grades. Then i began to concentrate on the Zen Garden Buddhist meditation music playing and I found myself in a trance. I've decided that i'll be signing up for some yoga classes and possibly Ti Chi. The ancient arts of Asia truly are mesmerizing. Everything about all of Asia truly fascinates me. From the deserts of the west to the rice paddies of the east, Asia is a continent I want to explore and attempt to understand inside and out. From India to Mongolia, from Lebanon to Japan, there is so much to know that even the wisest haven't discovered yet. Buddhism itself is a religion, but to me, it's a lifestyle. To be honest, if I weren't such a devout Christian, my next prime decision as to which religion i'd want to practice would be Buddhism. Wether it's in the India, or the regions of the Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal, China, I want to live the life of solidarity, in which my mind and body are at peace. It sounds crazy, especially coming from an American living in a fast-paced world, but who wouldn't want a life as simple as that? I'd LOVE to wake up in Bali and know that my day only consists of meditation, yoga, adventures, and culture- and not to forget to mention eating my favorite thing in the whole world- mangoes, by the dozens.
To me, Eating, Praying, and Loving are all forms of art, believe it or not. My Great-Aunt, who goes to India just oh so casually whenever she'd like meditate, has inspired me. Grab life before it flies away, as corny as that may sound. I am wasting away in a brick building called school, as i've said many times before- but you, you have so many opportunities and choices when you're not in school, once you've graduated. You are lucky. Take advantage of you time and life and spend it wisely, because we all know it isn't long enough. My goal is to learn many languages fluently, and I'm almost half way there. You see? And I'm only a student! What i want in life, I'm not sure. For most people, it involves a heavy pay check, for me, it involves traveling and exciting journeys. I will literally want to spend my life Eating Praying and Loving, but as most know, that is almost impossible. I guess I could just work for a little bit, make enough money to live off of for a couple years, and start the money process all over again (humor intended). All I know is, I'm quietly deliberating over wether I should become a Buddhist monk to escape my school report card, which might not be the 4.0 I'm stressing for or just living the boring life I'm living no, as i practice the activities of my future; meditation and writing. I have many years to go, but it doesn't make life feel any longer.

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  1. I'm so relaxed after meditating, I don't feel like fixing typos.