Friday, June 25, 2010

'Spirit of Concord' has been established!

I'm so excited- SO excited. I had explained that my dream was to begin a charity in Ethiopia and soon spread it to other countries in need; now it's finally happening! My AP history teacher had me run through my ideas and has told me that next year, I'll be presenting my charity to the National/History Honors Society and to her new AP World History students! All that's left is the legal work which seems endless and impossible, but at least now i know that this is going somewhere. I'll be in Ethiopia this summer (highlight of the past 2 years, since i had last been there) and i'll basically be documenting everything while i'm there for my own art/photography and also for the charity work. I guess that should make it 'legit'... anyways, I also promised my former teacher that I'd check up on her foundation while i'm in South Africa (she built a school in her family's name). My summer is pretty much going to be spent in Africa for about 2 months or so, with Italy in between! Oh, and a note, I'll be setting up a website and possibly a blog for 'Spirit of Concord' very soon. Be psyched ya'll.

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