Monday, November 9, 2009

Culinary She-Wolf

I have no idea why I named this piece 'Culinary She-Wolf'... maybe it's because I was thinking about the culinary arts and then I heard the song 'She-Wolf' being blasted. I'll have to admit, it is a VERY catchy song. Shakira is bringin catchy back. That was not funny. 

   Anyways, that song is over since I had ran off to see what was going on when I heard this song being blasted. By the time I came back, the song was over. Now it's some other random song- not as catchy. NOT THAT IT MATTERS. What am I rambling about? Let me get back to what I was going to write about. 
# 1. Culinary; To taste test the best of the culinary art for yourself instead of depending on articles from the food section, go to your nearest 'Clyde's' if you're in America for an off the chain cheeseburger.
# 2. She- Wolf; It's a good song but it's not my favorite in terms of its artistry. Don't get me wrong, It makes me wanna dance all the time, as long as I am not in a public place. Maybe. The point is, if you're a rap/hip-hop kind of person, you'll obviously like Kid Cudi, one of the best rappers out there, right next to Jay-Z, for me. His song 'Enter Galactic' is probably the number one candidate for optimum song to be stuck in my head the whole day. That's an honor. I usually have Hindi songs stuck in my head though. Check out these popular ones:
-Marjani Marjani
-Love Mera Hit Hit
-Dhoom Machale
-Hai Junoon
-Mauja hi Mauja
-Negada Negada
-Zara Zara
-Desi Girl
-Jai Ho
... and if you're into Punjabi style music... Punjabi MC and Lehmber Hussainpuri are ace.
           Another genre I am really into and always have been would have to be the one and only LATIN MUSIC AND MAMBO/CONGA. Oh yes. I dance with it, breathe it in, live in it, and have it for breakfast to get me through the day. A couple good recommendations for you:
-The Best of Desi Arnaz
'nough said... discover the rest on your own, that way, you will truly love and appreciate it.

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