Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yoga, the Middle East and, Queen Rania

I haven't been blogging in a LONG time... but I'm back now!
so a lot has been going on... time to list;
1) school
2) stress
3) yoga
4) intense musical indulgences
5) [7] awesome paintings i've made are drying as we speak
6) opinion: 'Kite Runner' is a beautiful movie as is 'Marie Antoinette' (with Kristen Dunst)
So these aren't really happenings... more like what's on my mind.

Before I forget- I want to know, what are your takes on the Israel/Palestine conflict? I happen to find it as a very interesting topic of discussion... don't take sides, just state what you think (if you have anything to say). I myself am from many countries including both Israel AND Palestine (how ironic) and I love what everyone has to say about the conflict. 

Speaking of... has anyone seen Queen Rania's youtube videos? They are so insightful! She is such an inspiration and earlier today i actually said, "I want to be just like her when i grow up". Can you believe that? I'm practically finished growing up and I say things like that. wow. Anyways, who wouldn't say that? Queen Rania highlights some major stereotypes in the Middle East and points out issues that impact our world. 

Comment if you have anything to say... 
*nothing negative- keep it positive*

Aurevoir mon cherie

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